Barretts World in the Garden

Children Exploring in and around the Garden

Hello! Welcome to Barretts Garden World ...

I'm so glad you stopped by.

My name is Barretts!

Barretts World in the Garden website and Youth Garden Programs are designed and sponsored by Victory Garden Foundation.

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About Barretts World in the Garden

Once you join Barretts website; you will be able to access some great information about edible plants, the environment, recycling, and more.

Barretts likes to make new friends on Friends of Barretts page and tell you about her old friends on my Barretts BFFs page. You and plants are Barretts friends. To show you where she goes and to share some of her favorite things to do; you may view Photo Gallery and Video Log. You may also share your photos, videos and garden journals.

I'm very excited that you want to hang out with me and learn about how you can eat healthy and even grow healthy food to be healthy. Please be my BFF and Join today. We'll have a fun and safe trip.

Parents: The simple tool of a schoolyard garden is a positive factor to prevent childhood obesity. Gardens that engage children teach them about better food choices, encourage physical  activity, reduce sedentary behavior, and lead to healthier  environments at home, at school, and in the community.

Thank you for stopping by. And be sure to explore the World in the Garden ... ~ Barretts! 


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